Martin Foran is the only person
in British Legal history
to suffer a double miscarriage of justice.

Martin does not have long left to live - he suffers from Type 1 diabetes and cancer - both conditions that he believes were a result of the mistreatment he received during the 20 years he spent in prison - for six crimes that he did not commit resulting in two convictions.

Those fraudulent convictions at the hands of the now discredited West Midlands Serious Crime Squad were both quashed at the Court of Appeal.

Despite these convictions being quashed, no-one in the Police nor the Judicial System has said "Sorry" to Martin or his family and the Home Secretary continues to refuse to pay an adequate level of compensation to The Foran family for the time he spent wrongly incarcerated in various prisons around England.

In their determination for a conviction, the West Midlands Serious Crime Squad resorted to an unprecedented level of corruption and fraud - even by their own low standards. This corruption became endemic right to the top of the Force and into the heart of the judicial system until Lord Justice Leveson ordered the disbandment of the SCS on 1989.

This website has two purposes:

  • to highlight Martin's story and the systemic injustices that he has suffered at the hands of the British establishment
  • to help raise funds for Martin and his family as they continue their pursuit of answers and compensation for 20 years of incarceration.

You can purchase Martin's book from this site, or make a small donation to his cause via the "Support Martin" page.

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